…add your stars to the FIUFRI star tent. Be creative with your star fantasy. With your FIUFRIFICTION. You have the chance to join others in the FIUFRI lottery pot and get 5 FIUS for yourself, your friends and family.
You don’t have to buy a FIU. Tell everyone how FIUFRI is for you.
And you can also win for the meanest and nastiest comment. We’ll pick the worst comments and also give away 5 FIUFRI for you and your family and friends.
Here we go…

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...carots and FIUFRI both orange are...

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30. March 2024

…hmmm’, I’m a brand new intern at FIUFRI as of today. Walked in the door and came straight away with raw carrots…for a VifeStar here. That’s what all the interns here are supposed to do, I say. I haven’t seen any. Ok – I told you before…

You know what FIUFRI is so beautiful. Orange. How could I talk to my friends and mom and dad before without FIUFRI? That was a … time. Now with FIUFRI everything is nicer. Thank you. Thank you for making this possible. Really, thank you. Have I thanked you yet? Thank you…

P.S.: I’ll write the truth later, when there are no more carrots… for example, that nobody here uses FIU’S themselves…


Response from FiuFri

oh, Walter…thanks for your…comment. And the *****. Lea is about to go and get carrots for you. (Sorry we have to keep practicing on you how to deal with interns)…. see you later…

Tolles ding

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27. March 2024

Klasse der Fiufri